The Beginning of a Busy Week

After a couple weeks with very few appointments, this week will be much busier.  To most people, having two doctor appointments in a drop in the bucket.  Their kids are still little and they are constantly doing the homeschool taxi thing.  If my ill health could come at a good time in my life, I think it did.  Both the boys are on their own, even though one still lives at home.  He doesn’t need much from me though.  I can sleep in on those mornings when the night before was wrought with pain and restless legs.  I can nap anytime I want or need to do so.  The house may LOOK like it is crumbling at my feet, but that’s only the laundry.  At least it’s clean!  If you want a clean towel, it’s on the couch!  Take your pick!

I go see my regular doc tomorrow, and I really hope they do some blood work.  It hasn’t quite been three months since I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, so they might not want to do an A1C yet.  We will see.  I’m anxious to see my BP reading, since it seems to be creeping up.  I’ve not upped my meds in several years, so it might be time.  He’ll be glad to know that I am down 10 lbs though!!  I can’t take much credit, when my diabetes meds make me want to hurl at the sight of most foods.  But regardless, it’s going down.

Thursday I go back to the endocrinologist office.  I see the assistant, I think.  I’m hoping I can keep taking this Victoza and that the side effect will continue to lessen.  They are slightly better in the last 24 hours, but supposedly, my dose isn’t even theraputic yet.  LOL!  I had a fasting BS of 107 this morning.  That’s pretty good to me!!  I have found that the mornings after those really rough nights where I’m wrestling myself to fall asleep, my BS is much higher.  Yesterday’s was 155.  It’s amazing what the stress can do to the chemicals in the body.

I am pleased to report that my pain is much better.  The bad news is that it might be due to this new med that I think is causing my tremors and rapid heart beat.  Figures.

I’m ready to feel normal again!  …..maybe I should say, I’m ready to feel BETTER than normal!!  LOL


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