An Alternative to the Everyday Meatball

An Alternative to the Everyday Meatball

Our family really enjoys going to Carrabba’s to eat as it is one place where I feel like they actually CARE about gluten-free customers.  Not that no mistakes are made, but rest assured, the manager is all over those guys like white on rice when they don’t use a fresh bowl to mix my salad and a lone crouton makes it’s way into my salad.

Anyway, I got this idea from what Andrew orders just about every time we go.  He gets spaghetti, something Samuel and I cannot have there,  because the pasta is wheat pasta.  But it looks goooooood!  It comes with two rather large Italian sausages on top of this huge bowl of spaghetti.  That part looks a little weird, but that’s just me cuz I live in the country and have nothing but men in my house.  The sausages just look a little…uh…like something your pet would leave behind.  OK, ok….doesn’t sound like something you’d wanna eat, right?  Well, Italian sausage is GOOD.  So, what I did at home was cook the sausages on the grill (you could probably just use a frying pan) and then cut them in slices when they were cooked through.  I then added the sausage slices to my pasta sauce and let it simmer a bit.  Yummo!  Really nice change of pace  and much easier than making your own meatballs, that’s for sure!!

Guess what’s for dinner tonight!?


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