Parents in Pain – Part II

Parents in Pain – Part II

My heart is heavy, again.  And you know what?  I know I’m not the only one.  My blog has the capacity to show me what words or terms are used in search engines that bring people to my blog.  Do you know that at LEAST once a week, someone uses the words “parents in pain” as a search term?  It shocked me; it really did.  Not that I didn’t think parents were in pain.  THAT I knew.  But those particular search words being used?  Brings one directly to my blog.  God wanted me to know that.  And I want YOU to know that I am praying for all the hurting parents out there.  I don’t know you; I don’t know your situation.  But I know that my God can comfort you and heal your pain.

The enemy has such a foot hold in this nation, in the church and in the family.  So many are reaching out for something to fill the void that is within them and the enemy is full of promises.  If you are holding on to a religion, if you are holding onto a person or relationship, if you are holding onto a pastor, a counselor  or teacher….if you are holding onto ANYTHING but Jesus Christ for your needs, you will be disappointed.  Am I saying that following Christ is full of happiness?  No.  He promises us scripture that we will have pain and trouble in this world.  But HE has overcome this world!  He is the only One who will give you Hope.  If someone else is giving you hope, forget it.  It isn’t their’s to give!  He IS our Hope.  He is waiting for you to stop leaning on your friends, your family, your church, etc and come to Him alone for what you need.

Is it wrong to lean on friends, family or church?  Of course not.  God gave them to you, to help you.  But maybe you are using others to fill your needs, rather than meeting with God in that lonely, painful place, much like the Garden of Gethsemane was to Christ before His death on the cross.  We all need to go to that place, be dreadfully honest with the Father about how we feel, and glean from Him strength, hope and love that no one else can begin to impart to us.  As a friend, it is hard for me to let my hurting friends go there.  I want to take that pain away from them.  I want to stop the suffering.  I want to minister to them.  How selfish of me!  It isn’t about me!  This is between them and God.  Who am *I* to think that I could spare them of any of the pain that God sees fit to use to bring them to that closeness with Him.

When you are fighting a battle, where it seems that even those who are supposed to love you are willing to climb over the bodies of their “loved ones” to gain ground, seek the face of Jesus.  Look into His eyes, for only there will you find the peace that a parent in pain can find.


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