Gratitude Revisited

Gratitude Revisited

This title sounds like I only come to this topic occasionally.  I do hope that I display more gratitude than I do complaint.  It can be hard to balance with chronic pain.  But today I want to look at some specifics.  I don’t know what # this is in my list and actually, I’m gonna stop worrying with the numbers.  I’m just going to share.

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I manage a co-op in NC that orders wheat and other grains from Wheat Montana.  You may also remember that I was diagnosed with Celiac disease last summer.  Many of the folks in my co-op are surprised to still see me doing this.  When I began several years ago, it was partly selfish and partly out of helping others get grain at good prices.  I made our own bread for several years.  But that has changed.  Unfortunately I’m back to buying bread that won’t mold even if given a couple weeks…yuck. ( I really need to get to whole foods for some decent bread for them.)  Regardless of the fact that *I* can’t eat wheat, it is a much needed and wanted staple to many diets.  I enjoy being on the computer and thanks to Amy McCoy who has blessed me with her computer expertise, I now have a website that helps SO much in the administration of the orders.  God has blessed me with Nancy O’Connor to manage the delivery in Cary each cycle and she has done an awesome job.  Scott and Kerri Forney have been willing to manage a drop in Louisburg twice a year which blesses over 40 people each order so that they don’t have to drive another hour to Cary to get their grain.  And without the individuals who come and do the back breaking job of unloading up to 10 pallets of grain out of a transfer truck…well, it would not be possible without them.  No way!  All of these people are a blessing to me.  All the moms who cannot unload because they have little children to care for are also blessing me by allowing us to bless them.   I hope it is an example to these kids of one way the body of Christ works.  I make no excuses when I ask for prayer or mention God in my emails or newsletters to the co-op.  God has given me the skills to still be able to minister in this way and He alone has blessed this co-op.   My prayer at this point is that it grows as the Lord wills so that others in NC can benefit from having deliveries closer to their homes.

Tomorrow I am schedule to have an epidural injection of cortisone in my lumbar area.  I am so grateful to have found this doctor.  I said at one time that I would never have a cortisone shot.  Well, I’ve had two, at the same time and I am so glad I did.  I am praying that this one, in a different location, will relieve the inflammation that is causing my right leg to be my enemy.   If it does not, there is still a plan…to get a new MRI and see if something else is going on.  May God guide the Dr. I’s hands tomorrow and give him wisdom…and accuracy!  LOL!  My mother has worse problems with her back than I do and we are actually going together.  She gets her injection an hour after mine and my daddy is the chauffeur!  I am blessed by both of them!

Spring is coming…soon!  The Carolina wrens have come home and wake me most morning now with their unique chirp…although 5 a.m. is a wee bit early!  I have purchased three self watering containers and plan to have several vegetables on the deck this year.  I am excited and nervous all at the same time, but looking forward to needing the produce department a wee bit less this summer.

There are always blessings…even if we have trained ourselves by default to miss them.  My prayer for you is that your eyes are opened to NEW blessings today!  Make sure to share them with someone else!


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