The Blessing of the Local Church

The Blessing of the Local Church

Yesterday was the first day I have been able to go to both the Sunday morning and evening services in a VERY long time.  Last week I went in the evening, to the Lord’s Supper and the teaching that followed.  Yesterday I thought it would just go in the morning, to Sunday School and the Gospel meeting, but God had different plans for me.  I spend most of yesterday afternoon in bed, either on the computer or napping.  I fought with myself on whether to go in the evening…would sitting that long in one day make Monday a dreadful day of pain?  It would be so easy just to stay here and piddle on the laptop.  No one would expect me to make both services.  The Lord brought back to my mind how refreshed I was from the Lord’s Supper the week before.  Even though I could only sit for less than half the meeting, I was able to stand in the doorway of the back room, a table close by to place my Bible on to read.  I was still able to partake of the emblems…well, just the cup because of Celiac.  I had missed so many meetings.  Being back at the Lord’s Supper, even though I was not “sitting” at His table, touched my spirit in a special way.   This meeting is meant for worship, not for petition.   Even in my silence, I was able to worship Him in a different way, being among His people, rather than praying at home.  I know he wants us to worship Him always, but corporate worship much be so pleasing to Him, a sweet smelling sacrifice of praise.

Yesterday, the thoughts of being in His presence with other believers the week before, drew me to go again.  I literally decided 15 minutes before walking out the door.  I knew I’d have to stand for much of the service, but it didn’t matter.  I wanted to be there again, among His people.  The prayers and scripture shared were so rich!  These prayers and scriptures offered up to HIM, to bless HIM, were in turn blessing ME!  How much more satisfaction we feel, when we empty ourselves of ourselves and purpose to think on Him, His life, death and resurrection.  What a gift He gave to me and how small in comparison was MY gift to be there with His people worshipping Him.  It is only when we empty ourselves that He can fill us with Himself.

O God, You are my God, and I will ever praise You!


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