Happy Birthday to my Biggest Blessing


Today is my best friend’s birthday.  Kenny has caught up with me again, as I am 6 months older than he is.  So we are both now 45 years old.  I prefer to say 45, rather than Samuel’s version…”halfway to 90!”  Ugh!

I cannot say enough about my husband.  I know this post is going to make him blush, because his humility is one of the things I love the most about him.  He never brags about anything and hates to be complimented.  He has so many strengths but he doesn’t acknowledge them.  I think it’s because he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that without Christ, he HAS no strength.

Kenny is my Mr. Steady…I have friend’s with Mr. Command husbands Mr. Visionary husbands but Kenny is so clearly a Mr. Steady.  They all have their pros and cons, and of course there are one or two things that might annoy me about him, but compared to what he has to put up with me, it’s minimal, trust me!  He is very predictable, in a good way…I can always count on him.  He has supported me so much, especially recently with my health issues.  He will hold me when I’m in a “life stinks” frame of mind and knows I just need to get it out, not that I’m giving up.  He puts up with me watching movies in bed late at night on my laptop…as long as I use my ear buds and my right hand is rubbing his back so he can go to sleep quickly.  I think he gets his best sleep during that time because every time he starts to stir, I start to rub again.  (It’s also the only time of night I’m not snoring, so he’s doubly blessed during this time!)

The phrase “love is blind” is so true.  I havn’t been able to exercise in months and….it shows.  You would never know it by how he treats me.  Hopefully the coming year my health will get to a point where I can have the energy to exercise and get back to a more useful “normal.”  The fact that he is a “messy,” like me, is such a blessing when I cannot stay on top of things with the house.  My first priority is to feed the man, and then the house comes next.  Last year he and the boys even picked out our Christmas tree on their own.  I was so pleasantly surprised at their choice…and look forward to the same thing happening again in a few days.

What blessing am I on?  That’s right…#8…my awesome husband and best friend, Kenny.  I love you, Honey!


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