The Blessings of Celiac Disease and Godly Friends

I’ve been lazy about my 1000 blessings!   Not because I don’t have tons of things blessing me, but too lazy to type it out!

I’m going to shock you and choose my 6th blessing to post about….

#6  Celiac Disease….am I insane?  Have I been glutened to the point that I can’t think clearly?  I’m not sure about the insane part, but I am 100% thinking clearly in this post.  I am at the point, and I remember posting about being here one day, that the Lord is able to use my Celiac Disease to bless others.  I’m so excited!  One of my dear friends called me the other day and her mother had been in the hospital for a week, recovering  from a bad episode of intestional issues and dehydration.  My friend had suspected Celiac, because her dad had lived with it for years, but her mother was in her eighties and had never been diagnosed.  Her mother got a great gastroenterologist and she discussed the concern with him and he did biopsies of her intestines in several places, because they looked horrible on endoscopy and colonoscopy.  It was indeed Celiac.  Problem solved, right?  No…her mother lives in an assisted living facility and they refused to take her back because they didn’t want to deal with her dietary needs.  I remembered a place my mother had heard about several weeks back, that I haven’t even been to yet, but I thought…maybe it would be the answer.

Rosie’s Plate is an establishment in Raleigh that prepares foods that are free from gluten and other allergens.  You can order several meals and they prepare them for you and you can heat them up the next day.  They also have lunches in case you need something on the run.  I am so thankful that the Lord made me thing about this place!  My friend called them and met with their dietician and they are going to do all her mother’s food!  To top it all off, her mother, who was in the same shock everyone is when they found out, didn’t want any part of a gluten free diet.  I can’t imagine gluten free in a cafeteria setting…it’s gotta be worse than gluten free anywhere else.  But so far her mother has loved everything Rosie’s Plate has prepared for her!!  How great it that!?

Marcia is such a good friend to me.  We don’t get together as much as we used to, with my health issues and our schedules differing.  We don’t even get to talk very often, but she has always been a true friend and a diligent prayer warrior for my family.  I have known her since her oldest son was 9 months old and he is 16 now.  She knows when to love on me and when to let me have it in a loving way.  We don’t agree on everything, but we respect each other and love each other in the Lord.  #7 Godly Friends They are few and far between.  They are the ones with which there is a TRUE give and take, encouragement and loving rebuke, whatever is needed at the time.  The relationship is not one-sided, it doesn’t suck you dry and leave hanging.  It may change shape over the years, but it perseveres over time.  I am blessed by my godly friends and Marcia is one of them that has been so good to me.


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