I Never Thought I Would Say This…

but I am…saying it, that is.  I am learning to enjoy cooking again!  And the weird thing is I get to thank my (gasp!) Celiac Disease for that!  Well, that’s not true.  The disease didn’t do anything but ruin my small intestine.  But through having Celiac Disease,  I am learning to enjoy baking in a way I didn’t before.  I think part of it is the challenge to bake something that tastes like the original…shoot!  Sometimes the challenge is to make something that tastes EDIBLE!  But there is a sweet woman at my church who asked me if I minded if she pray that I would begin to enjoy cooking again, rather than seeing it as a necessary evil.  Charlotte!  Your prayers are being answered!  Thank you friend, for being concerned not only for my physical health, but my heart.

One thing that has given me new desire to do this, that i haven’t formally mentioned on this blog because it was not public knowledge, is the fact that Samuel was also diagnosed with Celiac.  It is a challenging road for a college student to walk.  Typical college food for one thing isn’t too healthy anyways, but even with the unhealthier stuff, it has usually come in contact with flour somewhere alone the way.  So part of my new desire to cook has to do with the challenge of finding things that will appeal to Samuel.  No, he didn’t move home for his mommy to make it all better.  But we grocery shop together sometimes, we share gluten free finds and his opinion makes or breaks, at times, whether or not the recipe survives in this house.

Gratitude gifts 3 and 4 would not be on this list if it were not for my Celiac Disease.

3.  Carrie … Carrie is a new friend who also has Celiac Disease.  She only lives an hour or so away, but we have not actually met in person.  I found her on the internet, I don’t even remember exactly where.  I’m sure it was a God thang, so it doesn’t really matter.  Carrie has an awesome blog and runs an email loop for folks to come and share their GF recipes.  Carrie herself is like a scientist, who has researched and experimented with numerous recipes, converting them to GF and always GOOD!  She even CREATES new recipes.  She has created one for just regular sandwich bread that is probably the best sandwich bread out there in terms of being GF.  Samuel is thrilled to have a “normal” sandwich again!  So I cannot leave Carrie off my list of 1000 gifts and sleep and night.  God sent her at just the right time in my life and hopefully we will meet IRL before too long.

4.  Celiac Disease – Yes, I’m adding it to my list of gifts.  It is one of the ways God is drawing me closer to Him and He has used it to build a unique bond between Samuel and I as well as using it to bring others into my life.  The diagnosis of CD has answered many questions that were popping up about my health and I now, with the diagnosis, have the hope of feeling GOOD one day in the future!

I can’t wait till I get to add THAT to my list…feeling good.


2 thoughts on “I Never Thought I Would Say This…

  1. What an incredibly nice thing to say!! Thank you so much for this!!! I am so glad that you like the bread and the other recipes!! It has been a blessing to know you as well! Thank you for all you contribute to the e-group! I know you are helping many people with your questions and what you are learning!! I hope you are having a great week!

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