Step AWAY from the Gluten!

I guess that’s my new mantra these days…well, forever actually. I’m actually doing ok with it. My body has finally caught up with my head and my heart and has decided it neither needs to fight anything or flee from anything. God has us right where He wants us and we praise Him for His goodness to us…well, me.

I plan on blogging a great deal more as I walk down this road. Hope you don’t mind. My prayer is that I can keep up with my progress, or lack thereof, spiritually as well as physically, and maybe someone else who reads this will be encouraged in the path the Lord takes them down.

Today was day three of being gluten free. Actually, I think I need to change that to day two, because I found out that although popcorn IS corn and does not contain gluten, the stuff Orville puts in the bag to make it pop has the nasty culprit within. That’s a shame. Hopefully, one of the local health food stores will have an alternative.

It’s weird…my appetite is really big right now, but I have lost a few pounds. Although today I have felt quite queasy, probably gluten withdrawal from what I have read. Seems as you stop putting the gluten in your system, your appetite increases to make up for lost nutrients. I’m looking forward to feeling better so I can identify it when I am accidentally “glutenized.” It will help me figure out hidden gluten and avoid it later. Celiacs much learn the art of reading labels and even then, they can be misleading…VERY misleading.

Andrew will be tested on Monday, as will my sister in MN. Samuel will wait till he gets back from Alaska. That would be in 3 weeks and about 2 1/2 days…but who’s counting?

Speaking of Samuel, they hit the halfway mark of their project on Monday and the leaders have stepped back, as in they are leaving, and giving all the responsibilities to the young men of the project. Samuel is the prayer coordinator and assisting in leading worship. He sounds great and seems to be enjoying the challenge. I just miss him.

Thanks for praying for me. Please don’t stop. This is going to be quite challenging. My brain is overflowing with information and I’ve only scratched the surface. Perhaps God wants to use me to help other believers who walk this path in the future. I’ll wait and see before jumping into that though…I’m on the receiving end at this point, but thankful for all the people and information the Lord has sent my way.


3 thoughts on “Step AWAY from the Gluten!

  1. Beth…Your blog has encouraged me this morning. I’m struggling with that daily…well, no, minute by minute, surrender, too.

    Continuing to pray as you adjust to all that is going on!!

  2. Beth,
    This is what I love about you. Your submission to all that the Lord brings into your path. Your sweet spirit brings tears to my eyes, Onni. You are SUCH an example to me. I love you!!!

  3. I just discovered you had a blog. I love reading folk’s blogs!!

    I’m going to be praying for you as you adjust to being gluten free — and will have fun watching you lose, lose, lose in BL. Ü

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