Pray for Them

Would you lift up the Steven Curtis Chapman family with me today? Most of you know of the tragic death of his adopted daughter, Maria, in May and circumstances which make it so much harder to deal with in that one of their sons was driving the vehicle that hit her. They have pain on so many levels. But they are walking forward. I’m sure there are days when it is one step forward and two steps back, but they are on their feet, with strength that only can be from God Himself. Tonight is Steven’s first concert since Maria’s death. I simply cannot fathom the emotions that will fill that place in Wisconsin tonight. My heart is so heavy for them, but so anxious for healing for all involved.

Talk about surrender! You know, I think Maria’s death is what started me on this journey examining surrender, what started me realizing the depths believers are sometimes required to go to give it all to Him. The pain…the praise- a combination that only our heavenly Father can use to create something extraordinary – His Glory!

In addition to this concert, the Chapmans will appear on Good Morning America and Larry King Live during the first week of August. The GMA interview will take place July 21st. Catch that? The 21st. I wonder if that was done intentionally? Maria was killed on the 21st. The exact date of the King interview is given on Jim Houser’s blog. Jim is Steven’s manager. There will also be an in depth article in People Magazine as well. All for the ultimate purpose of allowing God to use their tragedy for His Glory and to spread the awesome work of the cross.



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