More Surrender

I think that title has a double meaning. I’m going to write MORE on surrender and it just hit me…there is always MORE to surrender. Hmmmmm, let’s go with that. I don’t want it to sound like it’s coming forth from a spirit of complaining though, so let me tread carefully here.

It’s easy to ‘say’ that we have or are surrendering our life to Christ. It’s become almost cliche’. But when someone surrenders, what do they do? They.Give.Up.

Do they throw in the towel? Abandon ship? Concede the race? Fall on their face? Relinquish the throne? Resign from their position? Succumb to the inevitable? Vacate the premises? Waive their rights? Yield to the authorities? Quit? You may be reading these words and thinking of a one-sided view of surrender, but let’s challenge that mindset. What REALLY happens when we surrender? We take the control that we once had, or thought we had, and not only do we LET GO of it, we are handing it over to someone ELSE!

I would feel negligent if I didn’t note here that in our Christian lives, we WILL surrender to one side or the other. If we don’t surrender to God, we ARE surrendering to the enemy. We are giving him control. But for the purpose of this post, let’s not go there, K?

It was really amazing, as I looked up the word surrender with similar words, the results I received. I didn’t use them all, but some of these can really have spiritual meaning.

I Give Up?  Yes, I need to GIVE my life UP to God.

Throw in the towel?  ummmm, NO. Not very spiritual. Of course, if you can figure it out, let me know.

Abandon Ship?  not in the sense of jumping overboard, but in the sense of abandoning control of the ship. Handing the helm over to it’s rightful Captain.

Concede the Race?  We all know this is a race.  But in view of surrender, let’s concede that it is a long hard race and be willing to let others pass us that seem to have everything in control of their lives.  We know they don’t.  Our sprint will come.

Fall on my Face?  Good one!  I won’t be falling in defeat though, but in worship of him who loves me and deserves my submission.

Relinquish the throne?  Yes, I must get off that throne where I take center stage and give it back to Him.  It is where He belongs.

Resign my position?  Again, if my position is the one above, I definitely need to resign.  I am giving that position back to “The Boss” for Him to do as he wills.

Succumb to the inevitable?  God is the creator and sustainer of the universe!  He is God and one day EVERY KNEE WILL BOW to Him.  It is inevitable!  Believe it!

Vacate the premises?  All those places I allow myself to go…physically, mentally, spiritually, that I have been warned about?  Why am I IN those places…many times AGAIN!  It’s time to leave.

Waive their rights?  Rights?  I’ve got rights?  If I surrender, I’m giving them away.  I don’t have a RIGHT to anything…well, except hell.

Yeild to the Authorities?  AMEN!  THE Authority!  Give HIM total control.

Who are you fighting with?  Surrender


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