I keep putting off starting my next post, not because I have nothing to write about, but the exact opposite. I have so much whirling around in my fibrofoggy gray matter that I don’t know where to begin. So I’m just going to start and expect it to take me several posts before I finish getting down what I have on my heart.

Over and over in the past couple weeks, I keep walking into situations, stories, songs, etc that bring me to the topic of surrender. As believers, it is something that should be a major focus in our lives, but often one we avoid like the plague. Why is that? I suppose it is fear in many cases…fear of loosing control, fear of loss, fear of pain in one form or another. Yet what we fail to realize is that when we DO surrender…completely, that is…the pain/fear/loss/whatever we experience is so far surpassed by the blessings that we wonder WHY we fought it so vehemently.

Probably the main avenue the Lord has used to bring surrender to my heart in the last couple weeks is the blog of one of the sweetest women I have never met. Catch that? I have never met this young woman, but her heart in her writing jumps off the page at me. The pain she has experienced this year is so evident, but more than that is evident. Her love for her Lord and Savior comes through her blog like the sweet savor of an alter sacrifice of old. Sweet to me and I’m sure more sweet to the One who has required so much of her. This young lady is Angie Smith and her blog is Bring The Rain. I will encourage you now not to begin reading her blog unless you have a couple important items.

1. Time – her story covers the last several months

2. A BOX of tissues – if you do not shed tears reading her blog, me thinks you have probably just breathed your last breath.

I also want to link you to one particular post, not because it stands out among the rest, but because she has an audio link to her husband singing I Surrender All. Open your heart while you listen and allow the Lord to speak the peace that passes all understanding to your heart.

More on surrender later…I’m only just beginning.


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