So Much for “Told ya So!”

Samuel has proved to be a real “go-getter” when it comes to his future career. He went to the school newspaper last year, The Technician, and signed up as a sports writer to get experience covering sporting events. He also inquired about the radio show NC State had, Call of the Wolf, a weekly call in sports show. He found out most, if not all, of the current announcers were graduating this year and they would need replacements for the 2008-2009 school year. He plans on attending a training seminar in the fall so he can help with that. He has already been on the show a couple times, mainly just listening and learning, but occasionally commenting on recent sports….mostly hockey, of course.

A few months ago, a friend got him in the door at WRAL, to meet with Tom Suiter to possibly help out with Football Friday when the high school games commence this fall. They have had a time of it finding a time they could both meet together to discuss it, but it finally happened last night. Samuel was to be at the studio so he could watch the broadcast from behind the scenes and then they could chat afterwards.

If you know Samuel personally, you know that he likes to dress…uh…comfortable. That usually means tee shirt and shorts and hair combed back with just his fingers. He does love wearing a suit and looking incredibly sharp, but he may judge which occasions warrent that a bit differently than others. See his pic to the right? Cleans up real good, doesn’t he? I decided to “mention” to him how important first impressions were before he went to the interview/chat with Mr. Suiter, knowing full well that the suggestion might travel as fast as a speeding bullet in one ear and out the other. I tried to suggest more what NOT to wear than to offer many suggestions. He listened…really! He did!

Last night we were discussing the outcome, which was GOOD actually. He mentioned to Kenny that Mr. Suiter likes for them to have their shirts tucked in when covering a game. My ears perked up….I asked him cautiously….”Uh, did he say something to you about how you were dressed?” BTW, he DID dress “up” a bit…he wore jeans and a tee shirt….a clean one with no holes! He said the shirt tucking statement came within about five minutes of meeting Mr. Suiter. I could feel the beast…”I told ya so”….growing inside me. I tried to squelch it, honestly! In the end, he got the job and said they enjoyed gabbin’ after the broadcast.

“He told me that he could tell I was intelligent and a hard worker…and that I had a nice tone to my voice…not to ‘southern.’ Then he told me that he was worried when I first walked in…thought I might have been a ‘slob.'” I almost kicked the proverbial bucket! But before I did that, I just HAD to bring back to his memory the conversation we had had the day prior. “WHAT did I tell you about first impressions?! I have to tell ya, son, you always have been my kid who I would warn that there was a brick wall ahead of you, but you wouldn’t believe me till you went up to it and banged into it first!” His response was classic Samuel.

“But I went UP to that brick wall, banged THROUGH it and proved that the wall was of NO CONSEQUENCE!!!”


Samuel, you da man! Don’t you EVER let a silly old brick wall get in your way!


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