Welcoming Spring in a New Vineyard!

My new vineyard being the WordPress blogging community. I was just needing something less “fru-fru,” especially since I post about my men most of the time. I’m loving the template I have and the pic in the header was perfect! Although I think the branch in the header might be bearing more “fruit” than my own branch is bearing!

Now to update everyone….seems I spend a lot of time catching up, don’t I?

Kenny and I – well, we’re gettin’ OLD folks! We both are struggling with our backs. I’m currently in a long stretch of physical therapy and although I have seen some progress lately, I’m finding that my back is still in a fragile state. I was really improving a few weeks ago and drove 2 hours to a BBQ for my niece, who graduated from nursing school in Greenville. I was handling it great….till the second hour back. I haven’t been able to get back to that state of low pain since. I’m still working on it though. I have exercises that take me an hour if I do all of them back to back. So I’m trying.

Kenny has been having more trouble with his, and he is still doing exercises from at least a year ago. *I* think he should go back and have it checked out again and get his exercises updated. I’ve told him how I feel about it…more than once. I’m still waiting for him to go. When it’s right for him, he’ll go.

Otherwise, we are doing well. Kenny just finished with 3 more classes. He took classes from Southeastern as well as Dallas Theological Seminary (the Dallas ones online, of course.) I am getting ready to update Andrew’s high school transcript so that he can apply to colleges in a couple months. Homeschooling him is…well…he is very independent. It is sooooooooo nice. I get to officially retire as a home educator in one year!

Other things of interest….Samuel is going to Alaska! Not permanently, thank goodness! He applied to Campus Crusade for one of their summer projects and was accepted. He really wants to grow in the Lord and thinks this will be a good thing for him. I am very excited for him although I’m sure I’ll miss him terribly. The Lord has been so gracious to supply his funds in full! He leaves June 16th. I’ll probably put his weekly updates on here so they are easily accessible. Please pray for him that he would be prepared both physically, mentally and spiritually. He will be gone for 8-9 weeks…that’s a LONG time, well, for THIS mama it is!

Samuel also finished his freshman year at NC State on the Dean’s list again. He made only one “B” each semester, the rest being “A’s.” I’m very proud of him. He is being very proactive in looking for jobs/internships in the sports field. He is actually wanting to take it the direction of broadcasting now and is in discussion with someone at WRAL about possibly helping them in the fall with Football Fridays. We will see how the Lord leads with that.

Andrew is still doing school. He organized his workload throughout this past year so that as he finished up, he would START Chemistry and do it through the summer at a faster pace. He is doing GREAT with it though. Neither of us were expecting that, but we are thrilled (“us” being Andrew and I). He has recently begun blogging himself and is really enjoying himself. He’s even gotten challenged by a commenter who disagreed with him on the Trinity and handled himself very respectfully to this man who very obviously has had difficulty rightly dividing the Word of Truth! He desperately wants the Lord to show him what school to go to and what to major in, etc. and is learning the lessons we all learn that God will show him in His own time…AND that he WILL know it when he hears it. He’s having to trust me on that one right now, but I have faith for the both of us. He’s searching for it and I know that as long as he searches, he will find what he is searching for.

Next year will be a full one and I’m still working out the kinks. Andrew is applying for jobs as well and is eager to be among the gainfully employed. Hopefully something will come up soon. His dad has offered for him to help with termite work this summer…crawling under houses, digging trenches and drilling holes…pray some other job comes up FAST! OK? OH, he also just celebrated his 17th birthday. That makes me…..oh, never mind.


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