God’s Faithfulness

Once again, we are astounded at God’s faithfulness and loving kindness to our family. Of course, whatever the outcome had been, He would have STILL been faithful! But He isn’t done with Samuel and Andrew yet! But He IS done with Samuel’s car!

Samuel and Andrew were driving to NC State to pick up a friend for the Higher Ground meeting around 6:30 p.m. on Friday evening (12-7). Long story short, a older lady decided to turn left from the other direction, in front of them. Thankfully the speed limit was only 45 there and Samuel was still accelerating from just having gotten on that road anyways. Just a bit more speed here or a little more time there and it would have been such a different outcome. No one was hurt seriously, sore necks times two, sore chest from Samuel’s airbag, sore back and bruised swollen knee for Andrew. That cracked windshield is NOT from Andrew’s head! It’s from his airbag that hit the windshield first and THEN popped him in the head! He’s 6′ 3″….I guess it would have given ME a buzz cut!

More than likely the car is totaled, so we are on the lookout for another used car for Samuel to drive. Hopefully today we will hear from the insurance company and be able to get a rental so he can get himself back and forth to school and work till we find another reliable (and sa-WEET) used car. That means as cool as possible for those of you who are not up on the current slang.

God also showed His faithfulness to me in the way he guarded my heart Friday night. I didn’t answer the phone when Samuel called and kids were beginning to arrive for the meeting, so I couldn’t leave with Kenny either. That was a GOOD thing. The kids here ministered to me and kept me occupied and seemed to understand when I shared how much my mommy heart wanted to SEE that they were ok, even though I knew they were. I was agitated a bit while waiting for Kenny, but not loosing it by any stretch. I had gotten online right away and had friends all over the globe praying for the boys and the meeting immediately. It was awesome!!

From December 10, 2007


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