Thanksgiving/Catch up on my blog Day!

It’s 8 p.m. and Thanksgiving Day is almost officially over. Unfortunately, by tomorrow morning, very early for some, the thoughts of Thanksgiving will be gone and Christmas will be the foremost thing in the minds of most people. We usually put up our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to make myself to that this year. The weather has been so warm in NC this year, and now that we’ve had some rain in recent weeks, autumn is just now getting into full swing! And I must say, it is a beautiful one. I need to get some pics before it is gone and post them for you to see. I’m sure I won’t be the final decision maker on the timing of the decorating around here as I’ve already been put in my place by everyone in this house about my desire for an artificial tree. Oh well, Claritin and I will make a lovely couple for the next several weeks, I’m sure.

As you can see, I haven’t blogged since Samuel’s graduation in June. I wish I could truthfully say it took so much out of me that I haven’t had time nor energy to post anything else. I’m not good at journaling and therefore blogging, but I’m working on it!! I’ve thought about making a different post for each month I’ve missed, but instead I’ll just summarize each month in this one post. Maybe I should just jump ahead to the present, but too much has happened to ignore what God has done and is doing in our lives. Hopefully I won’t bore you to tears!

June – What an extremely busy month!! One full week of Andrew and Kenny at Mountain Top Youth Camp…Kenny a counselor and Andrew a camper. The following week we had Family Rally Week at church.

The final week of June was a camp for Andrew called CWIS – Christian Worldview Institute for Students. Taken from : “This camp is designed to effectively equip students to distinguish between a healthy and vibrant Christian worldview and other worldviews that dominate the culture in which they will soon be immersed. The ultimate goal of CWIS is to impart knowledge, relate truth and promote aspiration amongst young people to be godly leaders in their generation with a view to doing the good works that God has prepared for them to participate in.” There were two tracks, journalism and legislative. Andrew took the journalism track and enjoyed this week immensely. He is really looking forward to class with Mr. Wirtz in the fall.

July – July was quite an interesting month. Early on we had Andrew in to see several doctors as we were concerned over an episode he had after getting hurt playing with Samuel. I was out when he got hurt, they were wrestling and he hit his ankle on a nearby vacuum cleaner. I came in within 15 minutes of it and he was in the floor and Samuel said he has passed out. This isn’t the first time that he has gotten hurt, hyperventilated and then lost it for a few moments. But this was different. He was awake, but quite very weak and having a great deal of nausea. It would NOT let up! If he even rolled over, he would get sick because of dizziness. This lasted for quite some time. I called the doctor and took him in near the end of office hours. He was still throwing up at the least movement. The pediatrician gave him a shot of Zophran, a drug for nausea given to chemo patients and it eased off a bit. We were able to take him home and get him in bed. All this as a result of bumping his ankle bone, which, I might add, didn’t even have a mark on it!

Long story short, after visits with a cardiologist, neurologist and the pediatrician, it appears he had a vagal/vaso response to the injury (that’s the part he has had before, rapid breathing leading to passing out). The difference here is that they think it led to an unusual type of migraine which was the nausea, dizziness,etc. that continued for hours afterwards. We have been given a nasal spray, of all things, so that if it happens again, we can hopefully prevent the migraine incident from occurring. I am so thankful that there was nothing else wrong with him in terms of his heart or seizures.

Samuel had his orientation for NC State near the end of the month. Kenny went with him although Samuel had to spend the night on campus. The whole experience was quite “eye-opening,” in more ways than one! Women just don’t seem to have much respect for themselves in terms of how they dress anymore and it’s so sad. Not only for them, but for the stumbling block they create for young men all around them. ‘Nuff said.

August – In August I went to the doctor in hopes of finding a reason for some pain in my left ear that had been bothering me for weeks. I really thought it was related to my sinuses, but with much checking, it appears that it is a form of TMJ. Compared to some I have spoken with, I think it is quite mild, although it isn’t too fun when it hurts. Thankfully, I was able to get some massages from my chiropractor that help tremendously if I do them when the pain first starts. I am thankful for that.

Andrew also was having a ton of problems with his neck. We had been to the chiropractor and we getting little in the way of results. So I also took him to a orthopedic doctor who sent him to physical therapy for 4 weeks. The problem was not related to anything in the spine, but only the muscles. Specifically, his neck was not strong enough. His head is not the smallest thing in the world and he has grown as such a rapid rate in recent years, it was just out of proportion. Things that he loved to do the most – reading, computer work and playing the piano- caused him a great deal of pain. Things began to improve slowly as his muscle strengthened. He is still needing to do these on a regular basis to build the muscle mass he needs in his neck and shoulders. Thankfully, he doesn’t dread playing the piano now. That was hard to see when I know he loved it so much. He mentioned to me at one point that it was taking away the “joy.” Praise God for a simple, although time consuming solution.

September – Samuel had been having classes at NC State for a couple weeks already. The Lord had been working in the hearts of Kenny and I about the struggles ahead of him and other college students trying to live a godly life on a college campus. We began in September a ministry for Christian college students, Higher Ground, to encourage them to live up to that higher standard that God was calling them to in life, especially while on campus. Our website is if you want to check it out. We have a meeting monthly where we study God’s Word and discuss the issues they are encountering on a daily basis. They are so much fun to be around and I am continually challenged by the knowledge and convictions of so many of these young adults.

October – Both boys were extremely busy in October as they prepared for the NC Youth Rally that would be held at our church near the end of the month. Andrew and another young man at church were in charge of the music selections for the praise and worship time. This was a new venture for Andrew, being in a leadership capacity, but it was a challenge he met with much determination. It was a stretching experience for him in many ways, but I can see much growth that came of it. Samuel was also very involved as he helped to lead the young people in the singing while Andrew was at the piano. The youth group at Faith Bible Fellowship, as well as MANY adults, worked so hard to get this rally done to the honor and glory of the Lord. It was a great success and all the glory goes to Him.

I was also able to spend a week with my dear friend Julie in West Virgina following the Youth Rally, leaving ALL my men at home to fend for themselves. Things were JUST as I left them when I returned home…and I mean LITERALLY….right down to the dishpan of dirty dishwater I left in the sink. Um…gross…that’s all I can say.

Oh yeah, Samuel turned 18….I guess that was a big deal.

November – Well, I’ve caught up to the right month!!! Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day (uh…it took me two days to finish this post!) and just as I thought, I’m seeing and hearing Christmas all around me. I’m thinking we will wait another week before we dive in as well. It would be nice if more leaves fell OFF the trees before we decorated, don’t ya think?

From November 22, 2007


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