Time to Move On

Andrew had his yearly recital with Jan Lewis’s other students on Sunday, May 6th. He’s been taking from Jan for 7 years now and we are so thankful to her for the time she has invested in him. Unfortunately, she feels that he needs to move on to an instructor who can carry him to a higher level. We have spoken once with Dr. Richard McKee, who is the Minister of Music at Peace Presbyterian Church as well as the Head of the Music Department at Campbell University. He has come highly recommended as a wonderful musician as well as a godly man. We have not heard back from him yet, but now that exams are over it should be soon. If God desires Andrew to continue to progress, we will trust Him to provide the person to do that. Otherwise, Jan said he always will have a slot with her and if she needs to study herself to help him go forward, she will. I TOLD you she was wonderful!!

I took the liberty of taking a couple pics after the recital. I also have a video clip of one of his songs, but have had trouble with the download so far. Hopefully I can get it going soon.

From May 14, 2007


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