Update on Andrew and Piano

We recieved an email last week from Dr. McKee and Andrew will begin with him in July! We are going to try hour long lessons and see how he does with them. If it is too much with school this fall, we will drop back to 45 minutes. We are very excited but also very sad to leave Jan. He can hopefully squeeze in two lessons in June so that he can feel he is at his best when he has his first lesson with Dr. McKee.

I am in the process, right this minute, of uploading the one song that I taped from his recital in May. I have had trouble with Photobucket and now I am trying another site. It is taking an eternity, but hopefully it will work and those of you who don’t live nearby can hear him.

Also, since Andrew is the topic of this post, he DID get accepted into the Journalism track of CWIS-Christian Worldview Institutite for Students- and will attend that camp the final week of June. Next week he will be going with Kenny to Mountain Top Youth Camp.

He had a rather unusual episode last week, where he hit his ankle and had a vaso/vagal response-nausea, lightheaded and passing out- that he didn’t come out of in a few minutes like he usually does. I found out that this is common in gangly kids who grow really fast and tall like he is. He should have been back to normal in a few minutes but we were still there after hours. I took him in for a Zophran injection and an appt. for a neurologist the next day. Neuro thinks it triggered a migraine varient-migrain symptoms without the headache. We will find out about bloodwork, etc next week. He still isn’t up to par, but it may just be fatigue. We’ll see!

Taken from June 4, 2007

View this montage created at One True Media
Andrew’s piano recital


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