Too much happening to let my blog die!!

First of all, let me say that nothing seems really important right at the moment. One of my online friends found her 16 month old in a tub full of water that he must have filled up himself. He is not doing well at all and my heart just aches for them. So my thoughts are a bit jumbled, to say the least.

I have alot of catching up to do and also hope to either figure out html or have someone help me with a lovely blog set that I just ordered. I want something unique to me, even though I’m sure someone out there has it as well. It should arrive next week.

It is already mid April! Kenny took me to a lovely expensive resturant last night for our 22nd anniversary! It was so nice to go out just the two of us. I gave him an electronic Bible…we’ll see if he finds it useful. I found myself SO glad he is color blind! I was grappling in the closet for tissue paper to go in the gift bag while he was nearby showering. The bag was a lovely black and cream houndstooth pattern…..I get the bag out of the closet with me and the tissue paper was CANARY YELLOW! I don’t even think he noticed. LOL!

Samuel’s graduation is in 7 WEEKS!! I have all the paper products and decorations. I’ve ordered the cake and my daddy is going to handle cooking a pig and some chicken. We plan to have people arrive June 2 at 5 p.m., we will eat at 6:00 and then have a little ceremony at 7 p.m. It currently stands that it will be here at the house, and if it rains, the church fellowship hall.

I’m having trouble with the invitations that I had printed, so I am working on another idea. I’ll show you how it turns out. What I was originally working on was this….

(OOOPPPPSSS! MY BAD! Shrunk it a bit too small, didn’t I?)

When I printed it at home on my HP printer, it was perfect. But the font stayed blurry when I had multiple copies printed. I’ll show the new idea later…when I get it done. Pray it turns out because I’m running low on time.

I still need to order his diploma too…..and I am planning on a power point presentation….don’t know WHEN I’m gonna do that. I have pics picked out, but not scanned.

Andrew’s birthday, his 16th, is May 17th!!! I think he thinks we have forgotten all about it, since so much focus is going towards Samuel’s graduation. We haven’t forgotten it!! He filled out an application at at Chick-fil-a in Garner today. We didn’t think working at the same one as his brother would be a good idea. We’ll see if they call him back.

Enough for now! I have lots to say and show you, so I’ll be back…..SOON!!!!!!!

from april 14, 2007


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