Ahhhhh! My OWN blog!!! I finally am ALMOST finished with my new graphics and I am TOTALLY in love with the floral background. It’s called “exquisite floral” and I totally agree. Samuel is quick to tell me NOT to put up too much floral stuff in the house. Too feminine! But hey! I’m surrounded by testosterone! I NEED some flowers around here. Real ones make Kenny sneeze, so HERE I am SAFE!! Don’t they smell divine? Soon I hope to post some pics of my own flowers from the front yard. Peonies are about a week away from some of the biggest blooms you have ever seen! And for those that know how “matchy-matchy” I am (hey, Julie!), they are pink and white, so they will fit PERFECTLY with my graphics!

I still have a few graphics I want to include, but I have to ask my dear friend Rachelle how to get them centered in the right places. She has been a blessing to help me as I am html illiterate. I’ve actually contemplated an HTML for Dummies book. Shoot, how do you think I got started on the computer to begin with? Windows 95 for Dummies. Wonderful investment, if I DO say so myself!

I’ll be posting some “reverse” posts soon, to catch up with some stuff that I’ve missed including in a timely manner. Hope you don’t mind!

From April 28, 2007


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