Notice My Blog Title?

As I mentioned in my first post, I love my last name because of how it reminds me that I am a Branch, NOT the Vine, but just a branch. What has been MORE exciting lately, is seeing the growth on the two younger branches in our family. Samuel and Andrew are growing into wonderful young men and I am so pleased with what God is doing in their lives!

Believe it or not, Samuel just turned 17 two days ago. He is now a senior in high school. I cannot WAIT to graduate him…not because I don’t want to school him and not because I want to get him out of my hair….I am just excited that we are both reaching this milestone. I’m already planning graduation festivities!

His plan for the last year or so has been to go to NC State and get into their Sports Management program. He has always wanted to do this kind of thing and the thought of being able to do it and still live at home sounded good to us as well. Recently though, he attended a Youth Rally where the Lord really dealt with him on some other issues. He is now considering attending Emmaus Bible College in Iowa for 1 year before beginning at NC State! I’m thrilled, mostly because he is saying that he wants to go where God wants him. I honestly don’t care WHERE that is, but the THRILL is seeing him look to God for guidance. He also feels that God wants him to help on staff at Mountain Top Youth Camp this summer, rather than making money working at Chick-fil-a. That is a big step for him. We still don’t know if it is a possibility yet, but I can definitely see it happening. This particular “branch” is growing FAST right now….also gives life to the name of our homeschool – Budding Branches Christian School!!!

Andrew is 15 1/2 and has his permit now. He is also 6 feet, 3 inches tall!! He is built like Kenny was at that age, but already much taller. I have no idea where he will be when he stops growing!! One nice thing about his height is that along with it comes very LONG fingers which are only a help to him in his piano playing. He just loves the piano still and the Lord is growing HIM up in this area, already using him to minister to us at Faith Bible Fellowship. He regularly helps out one Sunday a month, playing the piano when someone else plays the organ. He also has taken over the Wednesday night piano duty completely. He is tackling one new hymn a DAY, so that he will always be prepared whenever he is needed. Another area that he is growing in is being willing to attempt a song he hasn’t played before, like on Wednesday night, sight reading it and doing the best he can to accompany those in attendance. Actually, he did this last night (he said on the way over that he was looking for these opportunities!) and did quite well! It wasn’t perfect, but everyone is so pleased to see him grow in this. He is very sure that God will use his piano playing in ministry some day, but what that is we don’t know. And what he will do carreer-wise is pretty much up in the air as well. He is just focusing on this and using it for God and trusting that God will show him what direction to go for a carreer.

Sorry if I have bored you with all these growing Branches!! It is just such a blessing to me to actually be enjoying my sons!! When they were toddlers, I really wondered what the future held. I guess we all do. I STILL do in certain areas. But I KNOW that whatever the future holds, that my GOD holds the future and holds US in the palm of His mighty hand!


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