Highs and Lows

My emotions have taken me from great highs to great lows in the last couple days.

Lows….My friends baby is not doing well…little to no brain activity on the EEG. I cannot imagine the pain they whole family is going through right now at the thought of loosing their baby. So much pain, even though they have the hope of the heavenly Father to sustain them. God understands their pain. He loves that baby more than all of us put together. I pray that others see the hand of God at work as He is glorified in this situation, whichever way He chooses to be glorified.

The shooting at VA Tech is so tragic. Again, great pain for so many. But should we expect any less as the return of Christ draws near?

Highs- Andrew has an interview this afternoon with one of the local Chick-fil-a stores. It isn’t the same one Samuel works at as we thought that would be a hindrance to Andrew. He needs to become his own man, not walk in Samuel’s shadow. He turned in his application on Saturday and was called yesterday! He was surprised at how fast that happened. He will do fine, although he is a bit “nervy” this morning.

Another high! My friend Leslie whose daughter was born with Down’s Syndrome in December has successful heart surgery to repair two holes in her heart. Many prayers have gone up for little Eliana!
Leslie’s Blog

Also, I think I have found the solution to Samuel’s graduation announcements. I redid the photo and am trying to do a “scrapbooky” type announcement. I’m definitely NOT into scrapbooking on the whole, but I can do this! A gal at AC Moore was wonderful to help me yesterday so I think I have a workable idea. Now for the time and the skill to get it done! I hope to show one on this blog before the week is up. Graduation is less than 7 weeks away and I want them in the mail soon.

Ooooo, I get to go see my friend and sister in Christ later in the week! Julie and family, here I come! We have been trying to get together since Christmas, but since we got stuck in CO with the extreme snow while at Allan’s house (my brother). I planned another vist to Julie’s a month or two later and I injured my back and was in the bed for a week! So hopefully, all things will work to that end on Thursday so I can spend a couple days with them. I miss her so much! Kenny and the boys will be at a youth rally at Mountain Top Youth camp so I won’t be taking away time from MY family. I always feel better about leaving that way. I’m sure they will have a blast as well!

Off to hit three grocery stores with gobs of coupons!

From April 17, 2007


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