Andrew: My Rebelutionary

Andrew has been making alot of changes lately and one of those has taken me a bit by surprise. I’m not used to either of my children telling me they like writing papers!! Imagine my horror! No, really, I’m quite excited about it. He has wanted to know what God wanted him to do for a very long time and I admit that I have wanted to know as well. Whether this is “it” or not, we shall wait and see, but God has given him a desire to express himself on topics that mean a great deal to him. If he isn’t moved by the subject, forget it. But he has been moved greatly to “be like Christ out in the real world.” So we are investigating what being a Christian journalist might mean for him.

I think what started it off was his favorite website:

The Rebelution

This site has been an encouragement to him and to his spiritual growth, to see other young people who want to change the world we live in by being a Christ-like example to others. The owners of this website are teen-aged homeschooled twins, Alex and Brett Harris. Their example to other teens is contagious and so is their love for the Lord. Andrew wants to be in on this Rebelution.

The second thing is being the winner of a small essay contest. He recieved a certificate today, and will also receive a savings bond, from the Optimist Club. Here is his essay and below that a pic of him with his certificate. I’ll close with those two things and ask for your prayers for Andrew’s future as a Rebelutionary.

I Want to Make a Difference Because…

by Andrew Branch

Why do I want to make a difference? It can be a formidable question to answer. First of all, one must determine that he desires to make a difference. I have willingly made that volition but the question that arises is why? I want to make a difference because I want people to remember me, because I want to break out of the mold of the typical teenager, and because it’s the right thing to do.

Everybody wants to be remembered but not all are willing to do what it takes. In order to be remembered, one must make a difference whether it is on a national level or on a local level. I want people to know who I am and what I stand for and I can do that by making a difference. The society needs someone, and that person can be me, to speak out against all of the unjust and foolish things going on and labor to shift their opinions. Making a difference will influence others to do the same and the result will be an even more powerful cause.

As a teenager, I want to make a difference because I want to speak out against the expectations that society has of us—or lack thereof. Society assumes that teenagers will waste time in school, be rebellious against authority, and divers other things because most teenagers are this way. Making a difference as a teenager will give an example to other teenagers so that teenagers who make a difference won’t be the rare ones. Just because society has low expectations of me doesn’t mean I have to settle for that.

As a Christian, I want to make a difference because it is the right thing to do. I am instructed by God through the Bible not only to make a difference but also to stand out as different. The way I live declares what manner of person I am and if I live like the Bible says, then it will be positive. The world is not just fun and games and about living for the moment. I was put here on this earth for a purpose—to glorify God. I do that by the way I live and conduct my life and I want to make a difference because I want others to see it too.

There are many different reasons why I want to make a difference but these are the most significant. Making a name for myself by making a difference will leave a lasting impact long after I am gone. Making a difference today will show society that teenagers are capable of so much more than the cast that they are placed in. Making a difference will also fulfill my duty as God’s child by standing out as different from everyone else. Regardless of the reason, the world needs someone—and that can be me—to come forth and make a difference for the benefit of mankind.

from May 5, 2007


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