Wow! Where have *I* Been?

October! and 2006! I have never been good at journaling, I told ya that! But I have alot of my heart these days and really want to get back to this. Maybe no one will read it but me….that’s ok. The Lord knows it and that is what counts.

I feel like I’m approaching a real milestones soon….Samuel, who turns 17 in a few weeks, will graduate from our highschool next spring. I honestly cannot believe we have come this far! Initially we were going to homeschool for a few years, until the boys were ready to tackle regular school and stand strong. For whatever reasons the Lord chose, we are still schooling at home and I cannot imagine doing it any other way. Have I always enjoyed it? No way! But you know, even on those days when one or both of them is driving me absolute nuts, I don’t think about sending them to school somewhere else. It is just a matter of how I will “deal” with it all. The awesome thing is that the Lord has ALWAYS been faithful to us…to give us wisdom when we got/get those really hard to answer questions, to give us strength when we felt we couldn’t go on, you name it, it is there….from Him…and only Him. He is my source of strength, my rock, my shelter, my Father, my friend, my everything. I so want the boys to have a desire like no other for Christ. Even with all the growth and fruit I see in them each day, that is one thing I see in many of today’s youth. The things that pull them away are so strong and their love for the Lord needs to be STRONGER than that pull. Many would say that it is just because they are teenagers and it will come. I know they are teenagers, and I KNOW they love the Lord, but I also know that THEY and WE can love Him MORE! I want that for ME! I want that for THEM! Lord, give us BOLDNESS!!



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