Finally! A Day to Be a Homemaker

Boy! Sometimes our lives are just too busy! Especially this time of year. I have this internal deadline set where I want to FINISH my Christmas shopping so I can be home, concentrating on beading and knitting the rest of my gifts.

I do NOT want to be out purchasing stuff at the last minute. I want to enjoy Christmas this year.

All week has been full of running somewhere each day….much of it is taking Samuel to work. Yes, it’s a pain but the responsibility for him has been a blessing and I just see this as a necessary part of this time of life. He should be able to get his liscense sometime this month, and although it scares me, I don’t think he will be MORE ready than he is now. I just have to daily trust him to the Lord, each time he gets behind the wheel. Funny, sometimes I still feel funny letting him and Andrew (14) go to another part of a store to get a drink or something. I feel like they need to be right by my side, holding my hand. Then I remember they are 14 and 16! I mean, if Samuel can drive himself, I think he can walk across the store and get a drink!

So today I don’t HAVE to go anywhere! I COULD do more shopping, but I am choosing to wait till tomorrow when I have to go out taking Samuel to work. I can focus today on finishing up the decorating and making Kenny a birthday dinner…which will be really simple since he didn’t tell me what he wanted when I asked last night AND since he has a night class at 6:30. But we’ll treat him special! This starts the half of each year when we get to be the same age. Since I am 6 months older, I get to experience each new year as the “older” one.

Andrew and Samuel have done just about ALL the decorating this year. I choose to test my contentment and asked my three men to go purchase the Christmas tree this year! They did a wonderful job! The tree was beautiful and with no help from ME.

Since then, Andrew takes a chunk of time here and there to do more decorating. I am LOVIN’ THIS! So much easier for me.

I am so blessed to be able to stay at home and teach the boys. And TODAY, I am blessed to be able to BE at home to teach the boys!

Thank you Lord, for Your rich and bountiful blessings to me!



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